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Chill Out gift set - 3 candles
Elements gift set - 3 candle set
Flight of Fancy Gift  - set of 3 candles
Scent for All gift - set of 3 candles

Gifts Sets

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A wonderful selection of some of Esscentuals most popular scents packaged together in to create a collection that would make a great gift for anybody to receive. 4 sets to choose from.

Flight of Fancy - Echo Beach: sea spray, gorse, coastal
florals & sea moss
Levanto: rose, jasmine, lily, cool mint & base note of velvet musk

Marrakech Market: cardamom, saffron, armoise, ginger & a base of patchouli and vetiver

Elements -   Morning Dew: freshly cut grass, white floral
and earthy base
Sunshine: honeysuckle, amber & a wooden musky base note
Wood Walk: bluebells, rain & base notes of oak & moss
Scent for All - Love at First Sight: tuberose, heart note of
 gardenia & patchouli
  Linen Drawer: french vanilla, cotton &  aromatic cedarwood

  Moon Howl: top notes of mint & fir needles, vetiver and base of moss

Chill Out - Pina Colada: classic pineapple, coconut &
   jamaican rum
   Gin & Tonic: refreshing citrus, juniper berries &    indian tonic water

   Kitchen Garden: crushed basil, vine ripened  tomatoes & a base of   black pepper and ginger

Individual burn time 25 hours, weight 110g

Packaging dimensions H 7.2cm x W 18cm x D 6cm