"If you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life" – Candle Jar

"If you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life"

Sometimes you read something and it just sticks in your head. The quote above by Marc Anthony did it for me. His words would come back into my mind on a hard day at work or a day when I had to push myself to stay on track.  

Having worked for a large company and then making the huge leap of faith to set up my own catering business, I had experienced the full spectrum of emotions from exhaustion to exhilaration and had a great time doing it, but did I love it?

At the end of these hard working days and then the challenges of motherhood that arriving home brought, I loved nothing better than relaxing in a hot bath with a lavender scented candle, transporting me to a better place for an hour or so. Sometimes with a glass of wine!

The Idea

Having been in love with candles my whole life and a regular user of them, the idea should have occurred to me years ago but didn't!  It was on a winters night in 2017 I started  looking into the candle industry. I noticed quite early on that a pattern was appearing, big names dominating the market, and the beginning of an idea took shape. 

The Decision to go for it

It wasn't an easy one! Successfully running a catering business with a partner had been hard work but the work was regular and steady so could I take the risk? My passion and love for candles won through and I threw myself into it.  I met with my wonderful suppliers, mostly small businesses like myself, handpicked my stock and 'Candle Jar' was born. 

The Future

Its You!

I am so excited and lucky to be on this journey. I am working for myself, selling products that I have a passion for, made in a country that I belong to.....I'm doing what I LOVE, and it doesn't feel like work!

I invite you to join me. 

Browse on-line, I welcome  feedback on any products purchased. Send suggestion for suppliers you would love to see.  Follow Candle Jar on social media.  No matter how you get involved this journey promises to be a great one but it will be even better with you!














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