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The 7 Best Gifts To Get A Candle Lover For Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, your tree may be already up, and Christmas lights line your neighbours’ houses. 

If you are being organised this year, the Christmas shopping may already be done. Or you may be in the early stages of finding the will to brave the cold streets.

Whatever situation you are in, hopefully you are not stuck on what to get your loved ones this year. If you are, don't worry this guide is just for you.

If you have a candle lover in your life there are some nifty accessories, they may not currently have but would love to own.

So, let’s get into the best 7 gifts you can get a candle lover.

1. A Candle

I mean, it's a bit obvious.

A candle lover will always need more candles in their life. Try and figure out what brand and smells they like to inform your decision.

Or you could always introduce them to a new brand. We stock some of the best candles from Scotland if you wanted to start somewhere!

You also have the option of getting them a personalised candle.


Glow Through Personalised Message Candle (£29)

There's also a lot more chose on Etsy and Getting Personal

2. A Wick Trimmer

If your candle lover is serious about candles they should be serious about candle etiquette. A wick trimmer is a much-needed accessory for any candle. It's common practice to keep your wick neatly trimmed to ensure correct burning.

candle wick trimmers

Candle Jar Wick Trimmers

3. Candle Extinguisher

Again, this goes back to proper candle care. Most people will simple blow out their candle when they need to. 

However, this is not best practice as wax could fly everywhere. A candle Extinguisher removes this problem completely and it won't cost you much.

It also helps fight the problem of candle tunneling.

You can check out all these available on Amazon

If you want some quirkier designs check out these from Etsy.

candle snuffer

4. Matches

If you've got candles you will always need something to light them with! We have our own little matches that come in jars, with a striker at the bottom.

Candle Jar Matches 

If you're looking for something a bit quirkier it will be worth checking out Etsy.


Nolan Irvine Matches


Marbleized Paper Pattern Large Matchbox. 

5. A Candle Lighter

Or you could go for the slightly more expensive less smelly option of an electric lighter.

electric candle lighter

Electric Candle Light from Amazon (£10.99)

ArcLighter Candle Lighter ($36.99)

6. A Unique Candle Holder

Depending on what type of candles are used a unique candle holder could be a really good gift. Most candle holders are built for tea light candles.

A candle holder plus a few tea light candles could make a good gift combo.

Some are a bit more extravagant than others!

candle holder

Porcelain Canal House Tea Lights, Six Designs

hanging candle holders

Hanging Gold And Black Tea Light Holder

 tree of life candle holder

Tree of Life Candle Cover

7. Let Them Make Their Own

A nice idea might also be to let them have a go at making their own.

There's plenty of workshops throughout the UK where they can try this in a controlled environment. 

It will be worth checking out experience day websites like this one from Virgin.

Alternatively, you could get them a pre-packed candle making kit to have a go at on their own.

Home Crafts Candle Making Kit (£29,99)

House Of Crafts Candle Making Starter Kit (£14)

Who knows how they will turn out though!

Hopefully, these ideas will have given you some inspiration in choosing a gift the candle lover in your life will find useful and enjoy!

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