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Smelly Dog.

As much as I love my dog even I have to admit, there are days when she is just downright smelly!

Even now as I am writing this, Rosie my 2 year old cockapoo, is sitting under the desk and there is an undeniable doggy scent wafting its way up towards me.  We spent the morning after the school run in the woods and now,a bit damp from the snow she is sleeping contentedly unaware of the not so pleasant aroma emanating from her.

An easy fix would be give her a bath but as she is booked into the groomers later this week I use that as an excuse not to have to go through that drama!  Instead I reach for my trusted wax melt burner and switch it on.

A couple of years ago I upgraded to an electric burner and have never looked back. I can switch it on and not have to worry about naked flames, children & dogs. As much I love candles, they are for a different use. My wax melts have a duty, they are not a luxury item, they are to banish the doggy smells. 

My scent of choice at the moment is Geranium, Bergamot & Lavender by The Melt Pool. These soy wax melts are enriched with essential oils and the smell is truly wonderful.               

I have many tools in my arsenal against doggy smells, diffuser by the dog towels and other paraphernalia, car air fresheners (I was at the stage where I considered driving past people rather than offer lifts due to the smell in my car) but the modest wax melt is my favourite.  

Wax melts are not just for people with smelly dogs, they offer a way to fragrance a room without the longevity of a diffuser or the worry of a naked flame. You can change your melt regularly and gives a quick burst of scent, useful for that unexpected guest.  For the experimental you can melt different scents together allowing for a truly unique aroma in your home. 

As I look at Rosie all innocently curled up at my feet, I feel guilty about calling her smelly so I'm off to give her loads of treats and where did I put the clothes peg! winking emoji

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