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Shearer Candles 2018 Review - Votives, Pillars & Tealights

Whenever you try a new brand there's always that slight doubt in your head. Will their products will be any good? Why don't I stick with what I know I like? 

It's always disappointing when you try a product and you don't like it.  I've tested hundreds of candles and put the best ones on my website.

The brands I feature are ones of top quality that I have in my own home and recommend to family and friends.

If you are considering purchasing Shearer Candles you will not be disappointed. In this blog, I'll detail my favourite Shearer products and what ones you should buy. 

Recently we included them in our pick of the Best Scottish Candle Brands. If you want to know more about their history, you can find out there.

For this review I will focus on the 5 key traits of a great scented candle:

  1. The Scent 
  2. Scent Throw
  3. Burn Time
  4. Ingredients
  5. Value for Money

I'm going to rate each one out of 10 and come to a total score out of 50.

Of course, you need to ensure you follow the correct candle etiquette to get the most out of any candle you get.

1.The Scent 

Finding a scent or fragrance you love in a candle is awesome. Knowing all you need to do is light the wick and you've got a nice relaxing smell coming your way is always a plus.

For candle companies being innovative here is vital. Shearer candles have been delivering innovative scents since 1987.

I have tested  Amber Noir and Egyptian Cotton and they all smell amazing. I still have these in my home today. Friends and family are always quick to ask what scent or what brand of candle I’m burning when it’s one of Shearers.

If you're buying Shearer Candles for the first time I would recommend going with the Highland Collection. The Ae Fond Kiss scent is so nice, it's a mix of white heather and highland honey.

Other scents I would recommend are: Lemon Zest, Tropical Watermelon & Rhubarb & Raspberry

Scents: 10/10

2. Scent Throw

Any decent candle should be able to fill a room with its scent. Depending on how big your room is will depend on what size candle you need. Scientific I know.

It's recommended that you have a 180g to 220g candle for every 10 sq. m of space.  On average a standard living room is 30 sq. m.

I have had these candles in a variety of sizes in a variety of room sizes. Not once have they failed to fill the room with its scent.

I have used the Small Jars in a large room and they still do a decent enough job of filling the room.

As soon as you take these candles out of the packaging you can smell the scent. Combine that with cotton wicks, which are generally better for scent throw vs other materials. A generous wick size also adds to an efficient melt pool being created. No tunneling here.

 Scent Throw: 9/10

3. Burn Time

I can't say I've sat down and got my stopwatch out to measure the burn time of every one of their candles I've burned. Even so, I can vouch for good burn times that are very close to the ones claimed.

For example, the Tall Pillar jar has a claimed burn time of 100 hours. I burn my candles for at least roughly 2/3 hours a day and this one lasted almost 2 months. You're looking at around £1.30 per burn, which is pretty good going.

The other size jars and tealights also have good records for me.

Burn time: 9/10


I've heard quite a few horror stories when it comes to candles turning walls black. Whilst this in part could be down to improper candle care, it can also be because of the ingredients used. Many fragrance oils are not suitable for combustion and do not burn cleanly.

Shearer Candles only use the finest ingredients. As I look after my candles and have seen no black soot deposits I can vouch for that.

They source waxes from across Europe and scents from France and the United States. The raw materials used are certified to the highest standard. They estimate it takes them around 6 months to go from concept to candle. A reflection of their dedication to quality.

The products contain a mixture of waxes, paraffin, palm, and beeswax but they have a Natural Collection which is a blend of soy and palm oil so the range has something for everyone.

Ingredients: 7/10

5. Value for Money

There are some expensive candles out there nowadays. I've seen big brands slowly drop in the quality of the product they produce to meet demand. It's always important to know you’re buying a quality product at a reasonable price that will meet expectations. Hopefully exceeding them in some cases!

Using their claimed burned time, price and the recommended maximum burn time we have worked out the cost per burn.

Scented Jars - £9 each with 30 hours burn time. Works out at £0.90p per burn session. 

Highland Range Scented Jars - £15 each with 40 hours burn time. Works out at £1.15 per burn session.

Tall Pillar Jars - £25 each with 100 hours burn time. Works out roughly at £1.32 per burn.

Tall Pillar Candle- £10 each with 100 hours burn time. Works out at £0.30p per burn.

They are some acceptable pounds per burn for me. Especially in the luxury scented candle market.

Value for money: 9/10


I’m a big fan of Shearer Candles and hope that If you do decide to go and purchase one you love their products as much as I do.

All the Shearer Candle products I have listed on my website have all been handpicked and are ones that I would recommend to anyone. You can explore the range here.

Total score: 44/50

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