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Romantic Candles: 5 scents to set the mood

Candles have forever and will always be associated with romance. 

Whether they are used for a romantic candlelit dinner, a relaxing bath or to add to the ambiance in the bedroom. 

The gentle flickering light of candles creates an environment that is undeniably romantic. 

Scent is one of the most powerful human senses and can cause a change in emotion and evoke memories. 

We have already touched on the different type of scents that can help you sleep.

Certain scents can evoke strong emotional responses. They may be linked to good memories of comfort foods, locations or life experiences. 

Today we will look a scent that have been found to invoke a different kind of response. Possibly even used as an aphrodisiac. 

Now you may spend your money on aftershave or perfume, but could there be a cheaper alternative?

Dr. Alan Hirsch of Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation has conducted numerous studies that all reach the same conclusion. 

When it comes to aphrodisiacal properties, perfumes and colognes simply can’t compete with easily accessible natural scents such as vanilla, cinnamon, liquorice, and basil.

In fact, Alan says it best "Your first impression is to a large degree based on smell. So, we talk about love at first sight, we really should be talking about love at first sniff." 

Below are the top 5 romantic candle scents to set the mood.

  1. Sandalwood
  2. Rose
  3. Jasmine
  4. Vanilla
  5. Patchouli

1. Sandalwood

A woody smell that is utilized to treat impotence problems and help alleviate nervousness. Making this is the ideal scent to use on your guy. 

Sandalwood also smells quite like androsterone. Which is a compound very similar to testosterone. That means it sends out quite subtle, but dominant, sensual signs to the opposite gender.

Sandalwood is said to trigger the second chakra and heighten one’s sexual response. 

2. Rose

When thinking about love the majority of men and women think of roses! In Ancient times, this compound oil has been used to treat erectile dysfunction, sexual frigidness, and psychological dissatisfaction. Rose oils trigger arousal, comfort, and spiritual, inspiring and mind stimulation. 

Along with enhancing memory, rosemary contains stimulating properties which combat physical fatigue, aches, and psychological fatigue. 

Rose is considered a natural aphrodisiac, and in addition to being super relaxing, it's said to enhance your libido, too. 

3. Jasmine

Jasmine is a sweet flowery smell but can also be exotic. 

Women in India utilized this aphrodisiac for centuries as an instrument of enticement supporting their husbands. 

Jasmine fragrance also promotes libido, self-esteem, and sexual attraction.

And science can back that up. Research has shown that jasmine oil, when used for a massage, can cause major increases in how fast you're breathing, an increase of oxygen in your blood, and a drop in blood pressure levels. 

All that points towards an increased arousal of the nervous system. 

4. Vanilla

Vanilla is the best balance between hot, sensual, innocent and sweet. It's a winning combination. 

The smell of vanilla was proven to induce confidence that may fortify a feeling of closeness. It's been proven to have a beneficial impact on both women and men.

To really hit home the case for using vanilla, did you know that it is one of the most arousing scents in the world? True story. 

“Vanilla produces the feeling of happiness universally around the world. Of all the materials that go in fragrances, vanilla is the most liked globally," says master perfumer Christine Nagel. 

5. Patchouli

Patchouli is a pleasant, warm, woodsy smell. It hastens Stress, lifts the spirits, and stimulates the nervous system. Essentially, it's a mood up lifter. 

If it's a first date, or your both nervous this could be the scent to go for as it eases anxiety and promotes an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Special Shout out

With the vast amount of scents available out there you can buy specific valentines’ candles. However, these only come around once a year!

The more natural scents may work best and create a more relaxed environment. 

The one scent which always gets mentioned is Lavender. This scent has always been around and has hundreds of reported benefits.

As it's mainly used for is healing and relaxing properties, we didn't think it would class as romantic. Never the less it could be a great, easy going scent to use.

Things to consider

If you're planning to sit down for a nice meal don’t go with a scented candle. Ideally these would be small little unscented tea lights just to add to the mood.

You don't want the smell of the candle interfering with the smell of the (hopefully) amazing meal you are going to have.

Instead use the scented candle to overcome the lingering smells of food after you have eaten.

Also make sure to keep the candle in a safe space, your eyes are probably going to be fixed on your partner. Put it in a safe place to begin with and you can avoid starting a fire. A date story you no doubt want to avoid.

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