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Diffusers, what's not to love?

Whenever the weather turns warmer and I start spending more time outside, I find myself missing the usual scents in my house. I stop burning my favourite  candles as much in the warmer weather and therefore my home doesn’t smell as lovely as it once did.  Luckily most candle makers now make diffusers in the same scents as their candles, so this has become my summer solution to a more fragrant home.

While I still love a candle for the ambience as much as the smell, I just find that I’m not in the house long enough or in the longer nights it never quite gets dark enough to justify lighting my candles.  Before I started Candle Jar, I would baulk at the thought of paying anywhere in the region of £15-£20 for a quality diffuser not understanding that they were actually more cost effective than a candle. I have lost count of how long some of my diffusers have lasted, usually at least double what the manufacturer states but I am careful where I place mine.  (Heat will evaporate the diffuser oil quickly so I keep mine away from radiators, sunny window sills etc)

Currently in my shower room, which is small, I have a Shearer Amber Noir diffuser and it has been there since December.  It sits in the corner of the room not near any heat source and I can’t see it finishing anytime soon.  At only £12 this is definitely the best value for money.

 In my bedroom I have a Geranium, Bergamot and Lavender diffuser by The Melt Pool.  Again it was that long ago when I opened it I can’t remember but it was before the start of the year, so even at £18 it works out as a good deal. 


  I love Seaweed and Juniper, so much so Candle Jar’s very own Carradale candle is this scent but at the moment I am not making any diffusers so have found an up and coming new brand called Sans Peur Apothecary.  Their Seaweed and Juniper diffuser has been opened today and is in my living room so I will keep you posted on how long it lasts. 


 While the die hard candles fans will say only a candle will do, I have to admit I have become a bit of a diffuser addict.  I love the versatility of them, keep the stopper and you can pack them away if you want to change scents. Leave them in rooms/spaces that don’t get used much so they  always smell fresh or rooms that get used all the time like toilets where burning a candle isn’t practical.  Oh I could go on but I’m sure you get what I mean.

With so many scents and styles of diffusers available there is one for everybody and every occasion, but don’t take my word for it try one for yourself.  Below is a quick helpful guide to diffuser do’s and don’ts.


  • Turn the reeds upside down for a burst of scent
  • Take some reeds out if the smell is too strong
  • Give as a gift


  • Leave by a heat source
  • Burn the reeds (they are not incense sticks)

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