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42 Lifestyle Bloggers Vote On The Best Candle Brand

This month we got in touch with some lovely lifestyle bloggers and asked them to vote on the candle brand that they think is the best.

When we say "best" we're talking about the overall quality of the brands. From scent throw, the variety of scents available, burn time, and just general overall quality.

This is just a fun poll for those getting into the world of scented candles an idea of where to start.

We identified what we thought was the top 18 candle brands known around the world. You can see a full breakdown of selection options and the votes for each at the end of this blog.

Now when you think of the best candle brands worldwide certain brands may jump out to you. 

So, it may come as no surprise to you that Yankee Candle came out on top with 38% of the votes. It’s the stand out winner.

The brand that came in second place with 19.05% of the votes was Jo Malone and in third place with 11.9% of the votes was Woodwick.


Now some of you reading this may be thinking yep that sounds about right, others may be shaking their heads in disbelief.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

We also asked those that voted the reasons behind their votes.

Tamara Tanner

I actually went for Yankee Candle because they have a wonderful range of scents that suit any mood/scenario. You can bet whether you're having a girly night with drinks and food or maybe you're having a lazy night with an over the top bubbly bath and a pamper session to follow, there will be a candle that is perfect for that moment.

Alice Hobbis

I voted for IKEA on question 1 - the key for me is affordability with candles as they can quickly get very pricey. IKEA candles still make a room smell lovely but are super affordable.  

Bex Bodkin

I voted for Scentsy.

I use to be a candle addict, I've had various "jar candles" all over my house until I met Scentsy and discovered their products. I was instantly taken with their electric warmers, removing the aspect of having a naked flame in the house and also the scent throws from their wax’s fragrances multiple rooms easily. 

Full List of options and results

Do you think we may have missed any big brands off? 

Do you agree with Yankee candle being crowned winner?

Let us know in the comments below!


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