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3 Easy Ways To Fix Candle Tunnelling

Candle tunnelling can be a very annoying thing. In a previous blog we covered how to prevent candle tunnelling, and introduced the concept of "wax memory".

This will likely be the cause of your candle tunnelling. As this is now in the candle’s "memory", we don't recommend scraping the wax from one side out, as it will probably tunnel again.

What Is Candle Tunnelling?

Your candle will look something like this if it has tunneled.


If you have bought a decent candle, tunneling should not happen. The most common way this happens is when the candle has been burned improperly. 

If the first burn of a candle is not given enough time to create a full melt pool this will result in the wax not covering the entire circumference.

This then leads that exact spot or "memory" to continue to fill in more than the outer edges, thus tunneling down.

Now not to worry, you haven't ruined your candle and you don't need to bin it just yet. 

Here are 3 easy and quick ways to fix candle tunneling.

1. Use A Candle Warmer

An easy fix, but this one may cost you a bit extra.

A candle warmer is an electric device that melts the wax of your candle, removing the need for lighting the wick. 

They come in all different shapes and sizes as you can see below.


Now we know this might not be the solution for everyone so keep reading if it’s not!

2. Use a Hair Dryer

This one may be a bit more time consuming, but it's one to try. This will only really work for candles that have tunneled on one side. 

We would not recommend this as a fix for a "complete" tunnel as seen in the pictures above.

Take your hair dryer and aim the heat on the side of the candle where the wax has not melted or is sticking to the side. 

The heat should melt this wax allowing it to spread out into a more even surface.

Once you’re happy that the wax is melted from the side, light the candle as you would normally. Allow it to burn for at least an hour, this should create a full melt pool.

3. Use tin foil to make a "tent" or a "lid"

This will be the cheapest and quickest method to fix your tunneled candle. Just be careful when you remove the tin foil.

You can either use this method to create a "tent" or use the tin foil to create a lid, then create a hole in it. 

Both of the methods below will fix candle tunneling.

Create a tin foil lid

  1. Rip a decent size piece of tin foil off.
  2. Fold the tin foil in half.
  3. Wrap the tin foil around the candle, making a lid.
  4. Carefully create a small hole in the lid - it doesn't have to be a perfect circle. Just ensure the foil evenly covers the rim of the jar.
  5. Light your candle, letting it burn for at least 1 hour.
  6. Carefully remove the tin foil. Careful, it will be hot!


Create a tin foil tent

  1. Rip off some tin foil, enough to wrap around your jar.
  2. Light your candle.
  3. Wrap the tin foil around the edge of the jar.
  4. Gently push in the tin foil around the edge of the jar with your finger.
  5. Leave your candle and let it burn for at least 1 hour.

You can see an example of a "tent" in the video below.

After completing these steps you should hopefully see a complete melt pool. Your tunnel should be no more!

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